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Data Centre Audit

Many businesses are now totally reliant on a central computer room facility. Significant money is spent on redundant computing capability and data storage, air conditioning; UPS’s and back-up generators. To provide the protection required when a power outage occurs everything must work together. Unfortunately, Live Line often found that systems are seldom tested as a whole and weak links exist.


⦿ Measurement of UPS loading levels and calculation of theoretical battery back-up time at that load

⦿ Analysis of the implications of a UPS or battery failure. Consideration will be given to the mean time to return power, mean time to repair and maintainability of the configuration

⦿ Verification of air-conditioning system capacity and in particular system the implications of an air conditioning unit failure

⦿ Investigation of diesel generator sizing and suitability for protection of connected loads

⦿ Confirmation of what loads are actually connected to the UPS and generator

⦿ Review of the maintenance plan for the critical power protection components

⦿ Where practical, once any problems have been identified and corrected, a complete “Power Off” will be scheduled at a time of least risk to the facility and system performance will then be noted

Please Note -  As each facility is different, actions will vary from site to site.


A Live Line audit will identify areas of weakness in power protection. The ultimate aim is to provide the computer room manager with the confidence to deliberately switch off the incoming supply with the knowledge that everything will work as expected – the ultimate “POWER OFF AUDIT”. An engineering report will be prepared that details the state of the power protection system, identifies areas of weakness and recommends any remedial action required.

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