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Voltage Disturbance Monitoring

Voltage disturbances and in particular voltage sags can create major problems for continuous process industry and business electronics. Knowledge of the exact magnitude and nature of the voltage disturbances allows sensible decisions to be made about power protection.


  • ⦿ Monitoring of three phase voltage events including sags, swells, imbalance, harmonics and voltage regulation.
  • ⦿ Remote monitoring and uploading of results using a GSM cell phone connection.
  • ⦿ Preparation of a professional easy to understand report that details the nature of the power problems found and interprets that information.
  • ⦿ Optional site audit to clearly identify options for power protection. Note, as each facility are different actions will vary from site to site.

Live Line offers a voltage disturbance monitoring service where the power supply is logged for a period of time. Our team of trained staff and service partners are available to install the monitoring equipment if required. Typically, data is logged using a power analyser and Live Line’s experienced power quality engineers will provide informative report about the characteristic of the supply.


Monitoring is often combined with a site audit to identify the appropriate solutions to problems resulting from power disturbances. A professional report will be prepared that lists out the issues in a detailed manner and recommends remedial action.

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