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1 800 KW, 110 690 VDC

Uninterrupted Power for Drives - UPDs

UPD is a better option over an UPS for VFD or motor back up. UPDs are designed and manufactured to help VFDs overcome input supply voltage sags and longer utility power outages. Like an UPS used for mission critical applications, UPDs can be used to provide uninterrupted power to the VFDs. It is an amazingly simple solution to give multiple benefits to the users of industrial applications. UPDs consists of a AC-DC converter with a battery bank and together they provide DC power to the VFD DC bus and activates only when the VFD DC bus goes below a certain level. This way the UPD provides the VFD the ability to work without disturbances. The process remains uninterrupted and continuous.

Salient features

• 110V, 220V & 690 VDC or any other
• Industrially rugged designs
• IP-42 class panel protection
• Constant voltage current limited output
• All battery related alarms and indications
• Digital Metering and annunciations
• Suitable for all types of batteries
• Customizable for variety of configurations

• Modbus/ Profibus/ CAN communication protocol
• RS-485 connectivity
• Increased efficiency
• Can be sized to the drive size, no oversizing
• Support single to multiple drives
• Suitable with all types of batteries 

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