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75 KVA - 1600 KVA

Static Voltage Stabilizers

A Static stabilizer (also called Dynamic Voltage Restorer or Static Voltage Regulator) has no moving part, unlike the servo stabilizer. Instead, it uses a digitally controlled DSP based PWM AC-AC converter to generate the correction voltage based on variable input voltage and feed to the primary of a buck boost transformer. There is no variac/autotransformer based electro-mechanical mechanism in action to do the job which is replaced by a converter. Static stabilizer is primarily designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment like dynamic plants and machineries, laboratory equipment, CNC machine tools, broadcasting instruments, imaging systems etc. Static stabilizer is a perfect voltage correction system for fast and dynamic loads.

Salient features

• Fast, corrects in less than 10 msec or half cycle
• Soft start to reduce high inrush load currents
• Static bypass facility
• Excellent load protection, enhances load life
• Compatible with all types of load

• Cycle by cycle voltage regulation
• High efficiency
• Silent operations
• Forced air cooling
• Intelligent and communicates to other networks 

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