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PQ Survey - The Right Choice to Ensure Power

Today’s Internet-driven and microprocessor-based economy relies on electric power to fuel its growth. Increasingly, power quality impacts the bottom line of commercial power users. In addition to IS/IT power needs requiring “'D2six nines” or better reliability, industrial and other commercial facilities are using equipment that is highly sensitive to power system disturbances and reliability problems

LIVE LINE, a leading power protection product engineering company, is ready to help you identify power system concerns and implement solutions that will improve your facility’s performance and bottom line.

The question “What is power Quality?” has many different answers, depending on whether you talk to utilities, equipment manufacturers, or power customers. There is a wide range of factors that can cause power quality problems in your facility. Our experience has shown that power quality problems are compounded by the difficulty of identifying potential causes. This is primarily because the cause may be within your facility or hundreds of miles away on the utility power grid.

Power quality investigations focus on the cost impact of power problems. These can include

  • ⦿Facility or equipment downtime
  • ⦿Scrapping of products and raw materials
  • ⦿Process or equipment restart
  • ⦿Repair or replacement of damaged machines and equipment
  • ⦿Operating at less than optimal efficiency
  • ⦿Increased utility demand charges

The PQSurvey assesses these problems

  • ⦿Equipment failure
  • ⦿Poor power factor
  • ⦿Drives tripping off-line
  • ⦿Transformer overheating
  • ⦿Harmonic resonance/high distortion
  • ⦿Unexplained breaker operations
  • ⦿Mis-operation due to utility faults
  • ⦿Motor failures due to harmonics

Technical report

Following the preliminary review and site visit, we will prepare a technical report summarizing the findings of the survey. This report will include a summary of all of the information gathered, highlighted power system problems, a summary of field measurements, suggested solutions, and recommendations for follow- on power system monitoring or engineering analysis. This report introduces you to the scope and nature of any problems, and provides an excellent foundation for more analysis and effective power system design.

All at a Reasonable Cost

You get the entire PQSurvey package at a reasonable fixed price - no open ended cost as with other professional services. Additional analytical or engineering services are available on a quotation basis.

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