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Benifits Of PQ Monitoring

Why Monitor Power Quality ?

Power quality monitoring is an essential service many utilities perform for their industrial and key customers. Because of the technology and software now available, this monitoring is a highly-effective means to detect, solve, and even prevent problems on both utility and customer power systems. Not only can a monitoring system provide information about system disturbances and their possible causes, it can also detect problem conditions throughout the system before they cause customer complaints, equipment malfunctions, and even equipment damage or failure. Power quality problems are not necessarily limited to the utility side of the system - indeed, surveys have shown that the majority of power quality problems are localized within customer facilities. Given this, power quality monitoring is not only an effective customer service strategy, but also a way to protect a utility's reputation for quality power and service. In an industry facing increased competition, this reputation can be the difference between keeping and losing key accounts.

Key Benifits:

Assist in preventive and predictive maintenance

  • Identify source and frequency of events
  • Establish precise location and timing of events
  • Maintenance schedules based on power quality trends

Assess sensitivity of process equipment to disturbances

  • Evaluate performance against specifications
  • Compare current and voltage

Determine the need for mitigation equipment

  • Monitor and trend conditions
  • Analyze harmonics, voltage sag, power factor correction
  • Make decisions based on documented trends

Benchmark overall system performance

  • Make multi-site comparisons
  • Energy rate comparisons

Ensure equipment performance

  • UPS and backup systems
  • Power quality mitigation

Improve energy rates

  • Identify load versus demand
  • Conduct energy curtailment analysis
  • Evaluate alternative rate structures

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